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The Sorcery of David Goggins

If you're not familiar with David Goggins have a quick watch of this video to get a sense of his story.

What I'd like to do here is unpack what could be interpreted as the actionable sorcerous aspects of his transformation.

  1. Almost any discipline taken to the extreme will become magical in nature. I live in the health and fitness space so that is obvious to me but you can witness similar things at the cutting edge of art, science or flower arrangement.

  2. The role of the conscious mind. As magicians we love to wax lyrical about the subconscious and superconscious, and for good reason. What often gets forgotten is there is tremendous power in the conscious mind. Herein lies your ability to decide and focus on what you want. Whether you're conjuring demons, visualising your intent or casting sigils into the hyperworlds that decision is what makes everything else possible. You can make a decision right now to be someone completely different.

  3. Multiple Selves. David Goggins creates an alternate persona, "Goggins"; someone who is capable of doing the things a person with his history and genetics can't. We have unchartered depths within us that make extraordinary things possible if we are prepared to play those roles in extremis.

  4. The ability to see the end. This idea crops up a lot in New Thought but shouldn't be ignored because it lacks a sorcerous aesthetic. In several interviews Goggins describes his one advantage as the ability "to see the end before beginning." Whilst I'm confident in saying the ability to clearly visualise an end goal warps the strands of destiny to our advantage, there's a practical aspect also. There's a natural tendency for humans to define goals in terms of what they don't want rather than what they do. Not wanting to be overweight, lacking money, poor relationships etc..So long as focus remains on the negative aspect of desire you'll likely be met with Sisyphean frustration.

  5. You have no idea what you're capable of achieving. No matter what your genetics or background the ability to go all in with maniacal obsession is a card anyone can play if they choose.

  6. Don't plan yourself into never starting. I've lost count of the people I've seen waiting for Monday or for everything to be just right before starting something - just start. Any forward momentum is a positive and you'll find as you start moving you acquire the knowledge and skills to take you further.

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