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Enchant Your Body

Personalised Sorcery Coaching for Body Transformation

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 190 Australian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

This is a 90 minute coaching call that will provide you a clear and effective magickal framework to enchant and transform your body. NOTE: This coaching call and is primarily focussed on effective magick and will provide limited information on diet and training. VISION In order to wrest back the reigns and take control of your life and your body you need a clear VISION. A clear VISION should align with your greater purpose and allows you to destroy any barriers and limiting beliefs. In order to maximise your potential in life you need to get in touch with your TRUE DESIRES. DEVOTION A central part of my practice involves installing daily non-negotiable devotions that align you with your vision. These are actions that will allow you to empower your goals both magickally and practically, grounding them in the physical world. These are different for everyone but they are essential if you want your enchantments to produce tangible and rapid results. SIGILS, SPIRITS AND SORCERY Sigils, spirits and the various methods of sorcery all allow us to empower and realise our visions directly. We get specific with a personalised framework built for you to start getting results. This includes developing and refining a sigil practice that actually works, accessing spirits that can assist you and/or the creation of magickal objects to attract and empower your vision. FOLLOW UP Following the coaching call I'll email you a complete magickal program for you to utilise tailored to your personal vision. This includes all relevant notes, ritual procedures, resources and recordings where appropriate.

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