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Forging the Body of the Witch (FBW) is a unique body transformation program that combines cutting edge nutrition and training protocols with powerful, yet accessible, methods of sorcery to help you achieve the body you desire.

The program runs across three months beginning on the night of a New Moon. There is a brief  daily devotion that is maintained for the entirety of the program along with specific practices performed on each New and Full Moon. NOTE: In the event that you are unable to perform one of the rites you’ll still receive positive benefit just by being part of the group.  


Training is designed respectively into Witch King and Witch Queens programs aimed at developing a physique indicative of maximum physical attractiveness in both genders; lean, virile with the perfect amount of muscle in all the sexiest areas. 


Magick, Witchcraft and Sorcery represent timeless methods for accessing dormant powers within ourselves and the cosmos at large to improve our lives and become the person we most truly desire to be…otherwise, what’s the point? Combined with focussed work in the world you can achieve anything you can conceive of. IF YOU’VE EVER WANTED TO GO ALL IN ON A MEANINGFUL GOAL, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!

My area of expertise lies in physical transformation; of identifying an idealised version of how you would like your body to look and becoming it! FBW specifically utilises the imagery of The Witch King/Queen, the archetypal enchanter/enchantress, the embodiment of personal sexiness, beauty and virility as a model for transformation. Decide on what that means to you and make it happen!


Activating the role of the Sorcerer/Sorceress.

In this first month you’ll be guided in creating a vision of your ideal physical self and magically charging a sacred object that draws that image to you. This is activated during the New Moon and involves you going through a process that enables you to become aware of the primeval power within yourself, as someone capable of causing change in yourself and the world. 

The nutrition program tied to this first month is specifically designed to reset you at a cellular level and make you better able to use fat for energy. You’ll shed fat, feel better and be in an ideal place to maximally transform your body. 

Training cycles for this month serve both an aesthetic and magickal purpose. Magickally it will assist in opening up key “tension zones” that restrict the free flow of bio-spiritual energy in your body, aesthetically it will lay the foundation building a symmetrical and sexy witchy physique. 






Calling the spirits and powers of body transformation

In the second month you are introduced to several spirits and powers that will help you in your transformation journey. These are spirits that are specifically useful in helping you improve your physical appearance and achieving your goals, including a unique spirit from my own personal cult. You’ll also be shown how to create your own “artificial servitors” that can be customised to your needs.

Nutrition steps up a notch this month with specific nutrition plans according to your personal metabolic profile. Get ready to shred fat at a frightening pace and add muscle where you want it.

Our training ramps up the conditioning and aims to develop the muscle groups that are suggestive of maximum sexual attractiveness in either gender. 


Becoming the Witch King/Queen

In the final lunar cycle we go deep into the Sabbatic Symbolism of the Witch King/Queen creating a magickal template to help you embody your personal physical vision. We call in both the traditional erotic gods of Witchcraft and upon your own personal power to enhance your body transformation. In the final Full Moon you perform a ritual where you fully embody the physical characteristics of your own personal Witch King or Queen…however you choose to define that image. At the final New Moon you ritually bury the sacred object you created in month one where it will continue to further empower your vision. 

The final nutrition and training phase introduces a strategic increase in training volume and nutrient timing to produce rapid physique enhancement in a very short space of time. If you’ve done everything in the previous two months this final phase will work like literal “magick” (pun intended) to have you looking as lean, sexy and athletic as possible. 



  • Initial one to one coaching call

  • Regular email support - will respond to any queries within 24hrs

  • Accountability checkins 

  • Fortnightly group coaching calls

  • Personalised nutrition, meal plans and recipes

  • Highly effective personalised training programs in an easy to understand manner

  • Magick and mindset training 

  • Focussed group rituals to support your goals 

  • Experience supercharged results from the group energy 

  • Insight and guidance into my personal magick techniques

  • Content delivered in video and document format


I’m interested in the magic side of things but I don’t have experience in nutrition or training. Is this program right for me?

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, FBW is for those who just want to level up. We all have to start somewhere and where ever that is, I can walk you through the entire process. Familiarity with diet and nutrition is not a prerequisite, I’ll educate you through the journey. 

How often do I have to train?

The training schedule is set at three focussed training sessions per week with one optional day. Additionally there is recommended mobility and cardio requirements depending on your personal needs and current body fat levels. Mobility and cardio shouldn’t be considered formal training insomuch as it will improve your recovery ability and is just part of a “fitness” lifestyle. 

Do I need access to a gym?

Unless you’ve got access to a personal gym I highly suggest joining one. If that is not possible some bodyweight training options are available. With that said, if you’re not prepared to join a gym it’s worth considering, how much do you really want this goal? 

Is magick and sorcery dangerous?

There’s countless interpretations of magick and sorcery and many out there who will want to avail you of the risks - mostly fictional. My perspective is this; there are powers, potentials and abilities both within yourself and the cosmos that are accessible to you and can be used to enhance your life. 

In my opinion the greatest risk is not having a greater vision for your creating the type of life you’d like to live. Magick needs something to flow into and just doing magic for magic’s sake is a distraction to living a bigger life. 

Can I just do the magick component of this course, do I really have to diet and train?

Whilst I don’t doubt there are Merlin-level wizards out there - I’ve even met some - capable of manifesting miraculous and spontaneous results, most of us need a practical framework to achieve powerful results. When you fail to take practical action you’re communicating to those different aspects of yourself and the universe you don’t really believe you can achieve your goals. Believe me you can cause massive change in your body but you need to go all in!

I love debating magical philosophy, is this part of the course?

No, there’s plenty of places on the internet to discuss, debate and wax lyrical about esoteric topics - this is not one of them. This is solely a course for those interested in positively changing their lives. 


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