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A Spirit That Makes You Sexy

Vaesthtalethi is an entity that presents herself in a feminine yet hyper-sexualised Baphometic form. Her chief powers relate to the physical beautification and aesthetic development of her initiates. Her secondary powers relate to the increasing of ones general sexual attractiveness and charisma, drawing in partners and assisting in the development of sex magickal techniques. Within the framework of Chaos Magick she could be considered to an embodiment par excellence of the purple ray.

Within her dominion are a retinue of several additional spirit with more specified abilities. The names and descriptions of these spirits will be withheld at this time, suffice it to say they relate to the generation of wealth, rejuvenation, healing, divination and protection. One further spirit exists that can only be revealed by Vaeshtalethi herself. This spirit concerns itself with more extreme forms of sexual expression and will tempt the initiate into challenging experiences if care is not taken. Her powers are diverse and strange, revealing novel areas for magickal exploration. With that said, contact with this spirit can be unsettling, sometimes dangerous and for this reason work with this spirit must be initiated by Vaeshtalethi herself.


If you feel drawn to working with Vaeshtalethi a number of observances must first be followed. The aspirant must undertake a minimum five day fast in which no red meat, grains, dairy, sugar or processed foods are consumed. Equally no intoxicants or stimulants are to be ingested and you are required to abstain from all forms of pornography and sexual activity. Preparing in this will make contact more accessible and profound.

At the beginning of the fast, prepare an altar with a black cloth, a single purple candle and Vaeshtalethi's sigil drawn with your own hand. You can also use the image provided if you feel the need although that is not explicitly necessary. On the first day of your fast, light the candle and call to her in your own words, expressing why you desire to work with her and the commitments of your fast. Spirits generally value sincerity!

During the fast, first thing upon waking you shall meditate by reciting her mantra before her sigil for no less than 20 minutes each day. Her mantra is: VOSHUN VIKOLUM VAESHTALETHI VALITON . If you actually plan on doing this email me and I'll send you the sigil for working.

Whilst it's highly likely you'll start to see the influence of Vaeshtalethi in your life over the five day introductory period you should ensure the commitments are completed in entirety.

Once contact is made you can petition Vaeshtalethi for anything germane to her abilities including introduction to other spirits under her dominion. Her preferred offerings are sexual gnosis of all kinds, art and images created in her honour, champagne and rose and frankincense incense. If contact is strong she will instruct you directly on how she wants you to work with her.

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