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Astral Empowerment of The Witch King

The following working is a form of astral magic that binds you to a specific vision of The Witch King (see Witch King Aesthetics). The ritual will empower you physically and magickally as well as providing you with an Astral Temple you can use for various forms of enchantment.

It is important to note there are several mythic and cultic keys embedded within this working that must be followed in sequence. Several times within the working you will be asked to become present and notice various sensory cues. This allows the Deep Mind an opportunity to integrate the experience and provide information that may be personally relevant. It is helpful to have a journal handy for recording anything of note afterwards.

A central feature of the journey is the image of a large cauldron at the centre of the Temple. Within the Sabbatic Sorcery of Templum Nigris Solis (TNS) the cauldron,"contains all existence and all potential existence: a pregnant void." In terms of practical magick, sigils, spells and enchantments can be cast upon the black, mirrored surface of the cauldron and visions can be called forth.


There comes a point in this working when the cauldron spontaneously cast off an astral vision of The Witch King for you personally. At this point you must make a decision whether to take on the role or leave. If you take on the role you must fulfil at least three physical devotions that bind the vision to you. This empowers both you and the astral temple. If you work with me personally I will tell you what those devotions should be, if you are working alone you should be prepared to begin physical undertakings that in some way move you towards manifesting the vision you have been provided.

The importance of performing the physical devotions cannot be overstated, it grounds the magick within your lived reality, integrating your conscious and subconscious desires. Failing to do so means the Temple and the working will lose its potency.

If, for whatever reason, you decide not to take on the role of The Witch King, simply remove the candle from the altar and leave the same way you came. You can always perform the journey again at another time if you so desire.


  1. Preparation: For this you'll need somewhere to perform the ritual, a black candle inscribed with the attached sigil and a list of three physical devotions as a pact with The Witch King. You will need to either memorise the visualisation sequence or record it beforehand.

  2. Trance induction: this includes some light breathwork and an induction derived from the work of TNS.

  3. Entry to the forest and passing the guardian

  4. Discovery of the Temple

  5. Astral Vision of The Witch King

  6. DECISION: leave or become The Witch King

  7. Claiming the Body, Claiming the Temple

  8. Further magic/ exploration/ exit

  9. Re-orientation in the world, journaling

  10. Begin devotions


Find a place where you will undisturbed for the entirety of this journey. Be either seated comfortably with spine erect or lying down. Your only source of illumination should be a single black candle onto which you have carved the sigil provided. Light the candle and settle into your preferred position.

Relax and begin the following breathing pattern. Inhale through the nose to a count of 4, exhale to a count of 8 through the mouth. Breathing should be calm and relaxed with no pause at either side of inhalation and exhalation. If that duration feels difficult you can use an inhalation/exhalation count of 3:6 or 2:4 instead. At no point should the breathing be strained! Maintain this pattern for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes allow breathing to settle into a natural rhythm without trying to control it. Now imagine in front of you is a large sheet of parchment. With your dominant hand draw a large number "5" and command your face to relax. Be aware of your forehead, eyes, jaw, anywhere you hold tension. Relax.

Repeat with the number "4" and allow your neck and throat to relax. At "3" allow your arms to relax. Begin with the shoulder of one arm, progress to the upper arm, elbow, forearm, hands fingers and repeat with other arm. Draw the number "2" and allow your chest and abdomen to relax, then you upper and lower back. Draw the number "1" and allow your hips to relax, your groin, upper thighs, knees, calves, feet, toes.

At "0" mentally scan your body and allow everything to fully relax. Now expand the 0 into a large black portal and project yourself through.


On the other side, you stand on the outskirts of a vast and ancient forest. The night is warm and humid, the air is thick with the fresh scent of spring. The feeling of fecundity and aliveness is palpable.

A full-moon hangs in a sky populated by countless stars. Before you are two enormous oak trees, between them is a path into the forest. Despite the brightness of the moon the space between the two oaks is completely dark making it impossible to see any further.

You are entirely naked. Take a moment to feel your feet upon the earth and the air on your skin. Listen for any sounds in the forest beyond. Be aware of the scent of spring blossoms. Be present in this place.

A hooded figure emerges from the shadows between the two oaks. You notice the figure walks on cloven hooves and holds a single black candle. The figure appraises you, studies you. It bows and motions for you to enter, offering you the candle. You bow in return, move forward and take the candle noticing that it bears the same sigil you have engraved on your own.

As you step through the shadows between the oaks the candle flame glows more brighter, illuminating the path and you are able to see clearly. The trail is smooth and soft, a gentle stream runs to your left and the undergrowth is dense with wildflowers. Even though ageless tress tower above you it feels brighter here as if the wood is lit from inside by some unknown incandescence.

Allow the path to guide you deeper into the wood. Try to notice at least one flower, one leaf and one sound.

Deep in the wood the path leads to a large circular clearing. This is an ancient Temple of the Witch King. At each cardinal point stand four towering stone pillars engraved with strange runes. Towards the Northern pillar is a smooth black marble altar upon which are various magickal instruments. Close to the centre of the circle is a large black cauldron. A fire burns underneath casting a glow about the Temple. Allow yourself a moment to take in the entirety of this image.

Walk towards the altar and past the cauldron, noticing that despite the heat from the fire its surface is a still black mirror. The cauldron "contains all existence and all potential existence: A pregnant Void". As you get closer to the altar you notice an empty ornate candle holder and before it a goblet full of what appears to be dark, red wine. Place the candle you have carried with you in the holder.

Once the candle is in place the entire Temple pulsates with new life and you feel a rush of excitement and strange feelings of sexual arousal welling up within you. Allow yourself to be aware of the pillars standing around you, place your hands upon the black altar before you and be aware of the cauldron behind you. The Temple throbs with almost overwhelming erotic power.

As you gaze at the goblet before you, you become aware of another presence in the Temple just behind you. The cauldron has thrown off a spectral image that now hovers in the air before it. Turn to look at it closely.

The image radiates masculine power, beauty and sexuality. Its eyes lay closed as if in deep sleep. It is you, but you perfected and enhanced by witchcraft, sorcery and personal devotion. You have never seem yourself like this but it as you wish you could be. Walk closer and study the image. If you reach out you can feel it. The figure is entirely naked except for a leather necklace from which hangs a solitary blood stone.

Take some time to observe the figure closely. Walk around it, reach out and touch it if you like. Feel the excitement of the possibility of actually becoming this image, of you walking in this body.

You now have a decision to make. To claim the Temple or leave the way you came.

To claim this Temple as your own you must occupy the body of The Witch King. Walk through the spectre and its form will mould to your own. All forms of astral magicks can then be performed within the Temple and the mysteries of the forest beyond are yours to explore. The Witch King's body will begin to become more and more manifest within the waking world with regular use.

If you choose to proceed, walk behind the spectral image. Notice its breathing pattern and match it to your own, take your time. Close your astral eyes and step forward. First be aware of the necklace that now hangs from your neck, feel its weight, touch it. Now open your astral eyes and look down at yourself, feel your body and its muscularity. Aliveness and raw sexual power floods through you, you have become The Witch King.

Step forward to the altar, take the goblet of wine and move to the first standing stone that catches your attention. Anoint the first stone with wine, noticing that as you do the energy within the pillar climaxes, further empowering the Temple. Anoint each pillar in turn then return to the black marble altar. Pause for a moment and drink the remaining wine. Place your hands upon the altar.

You should now take a moment to fully feel yourself as the Witch King. Be aware of your body, your desires, the feeling of the altar throbbing with power, the pillars around you and the cauldron behind you. Listen for any sounds within the forest. Be alert to any mental impressions or wisdom you may receive. Be fully present. You have now taken on the role of The Witch King and this is your Temple.

You are free to perform any acts of magic or undertake exploration of the mysteries hidden within the forest. To return simply follow the path back the way you came. Leave the candle in its place, The Witch King's eyes will see perfectly well here and the candle will remain burning unless you chose to remove it.


Once you have left the forest, return your attention back to yourself in your room. Move your body, breath deeply, stretch and slowly open your eyes. Give yourself several moments to orientate yourself. Extinguish the candle and give silent praise to the Witch King that now dwells within you. Journal any significant observations during the journey and begin your devotions immediately.


Once you have performed the initial journey you no longer need to use the sigilised candle unless your feel the need for it. Perform any necessary induction, return yourself to the outskirts of the forest and become aware of the necklace, touch it, then bring your awareness to The Body of The Witch King. From that point your are free to do as you please, it is your Temple.

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