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Blue Moon Fat Loss Working

"Dedicate yourself to your best and your highest, and begin. What is the person you most desire to be - (I mean, freely and honestly, not morally)? Imitate that person, and what began as imitation will end as perfection."
Jack Parsons - Living Thelema

A big part of what I'm about is getting people to live on purpose and achieve their True Desires. For me, everything begins with the body; forging into an image of what you feel best expresses how you want to show up in this incarnation (yes, that's me and my partner pictured). From that everything else can proceed. It is a process - an initiation if you prefer - that will viscerally show you that both your body and your focussed Will are in themselves magickal, that you can actually manifest your desires into the world.

Truly profound body transformation - I mean like WTF magickal changes - occur when you go all in. You burn your bridges, change your sense of identity and just commit to an ideal. You do the magick, then start acting in a way that is totally congruent with your goal. This works for any life goal but I'll stick to what I know about - physique change. Why does it work? My guess is that, like it or not, the Universe/Tao/God(s)/Baphomet/The Quantum Field or whatever you want to call the totality of existence favours those with vision, passion and focus.

My personal quest is to make positive life-altering changes accessible to those who seek it. I don't speak academically or theoretically about magickal practices that transform your body, I've actually done it. There are formulas and blueprints for body transformation I know work. Do the rituals, eat a specific way, train a certain way and maintain your focus through daily devotion and the results happen. You don't have to wish or hope for it, you make it happen!

Which brings me to the point of this post. The Blue Moon on August 31st this year is an auspicious time for implementing works of lasting personal change. For this reason I'm putting together a six-week integrated magickal working focussed explicitly towards aggressive fat loss that begins on this date. Yes, you'll gain some muscle, have better conditioning and more energy but in a short space of time fat loss is where you'll see the greatest visual results. I'll show you exactly how to perform the magick, train and eat to become someone entirely of your own making.


I'll be honest, I want to work with people who want results. The result in this case is physically getting a whole lot leaner, gaining some serious conditioning and adding some muscle where you need it. Along the way, you'll learn a lot about what you're capable of, you'll gain clarity about your purpose and become a much more magickally competent human being. If that sounds like you, I want to work with you.

In terms of nutrition and training, if you can commit to training four times per week and eating four meals per day you can do this. Magickally, if you can perform three rituals plus a brief daily devotion you can do this. These are the minimum requirements, there's more if you want it but if you can do these things you can rapidly transform both your body and ability to express your will in the world.


Because time frames are important. Commit whole-heartedly to one thing for six-weeks and you'll be shocked at what is possible. You can move on to other things afterwards but in my experience there's nothing quite like the positive feedback loop you create by making some serious progress right out of the gate. Practically, the training and nutrition programs will produce fast results but they are not meant to be performed longterm.


The magick on its own will produce results. With that said, most forms of enchantment work best when they have something to flow towards. This program provides a structure that harnesses the magick and puts it to work so you get exponentially better results. Get all aspects of your consciousness aligned with your goals and miraculous things can follow.


You'll be a lot leaner, healthier and more focussed than you are now. A long time ago I was in that place of being overweight and directionless and the only way out is to break the inertia of your current reality. You do that by creating massive forward momentum. Anything else and you'll just keep spinning your wheels.

The reality is if you commit to six weeks of diet, training and ritual the person you are at the other end will be quite different. Even if you still have a significant amount of fat to lose, that person will have the power and commitment to do it.

What's Included:

- 3 x Group empowerment rituals, calling upon planetary Gods and elemental spirits of beauty, sexuality and vitality and directing them towards your goals. These are performed on the August Blue Moon, New Moon in September and Full Moon in September. In the event you are unable to perform any of the rituals you will still benefit from the shared group energy.

- Body Transformation Sigil created and charged specifically for this course. Used as meditation focus and gate to the Group Astral Transformation Temple.

- Six week - "Liber Adonis/Liber Aphrodite" Fat loss training manual

- Metabolic Reset Nutrition manual

- Unlimited email support (will respond within 24hrs for the duration of the course)

- Accountability checkins

- Four 60-minute Zoom group coaching and Q&A. (Recordings available)


Book your spot and I'll send you a welcome email along with a brief questionnaire so I can find out a little more about you. All ritual, training and nutrition will be sent out by the New Moon in August so you have plenty of time to prepare. Early birds will be sent a ritual for the July New Moon, invoking the powers of the Great Norse Goddess of Beauty, Sorcery, Sexuality, Wealth and War, Freyja.

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