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How Sorcery and Fitness Saved my Life

I'm embarrassed to say in my late teens, early 20's I got really out of shape. Just take a look at that before photo. To give you context, at around 19 I had my first public panic attack, triggering a downward spiral into deep depression. All the cliches associated with depressive cycles, yeah that was me. Increasingly reclusive, unmotivated, struggling to get myself out of bed and dosed up on meds that made me feel just numb inside. Even though I’d been a naturally athletic teen, I stacked on weight and became ashamed of my appearance, like suicidally ashamed.

Fast forward 20 years and I can't recall a time in the last decade where I didn't have a visible six pack - not a day. Funny thing is I actually find it way easier to stay lean and drop fat now than I did even ten years ago. I'm fitter, stronger, faster and more mobile now than I was at any point during my 20’s or 30’s and I'm still improving.

To be honest the photo you can see on the right is pretty much me with minimal training - like two days a week if I'm lucky - no calorie counting and all the stress that comes with running a couple of businesses and having a young family. No fancy lighting, fake tan or filters, just how I normally walk around without too much effort.

The thing that differentiates me from any other body transformation you’re likely to see is that my personal catalyst for change was sorcerous in nature! Yes, you read that correctly, it was an occult approach that fundamentally led me to radically transforming my body.

Shortly after that first photo was taken and in utter desperation I performed a ritual that would alter the course of my life. I was 92kg (202lbs) in that early photo, within 6 months I was 72kg (158lbs), healthy, vital and with no trace of the depression that haunted me. Something had shifted in me and slightly over a year later I weighed in at an emaciated 49kg (107.8lbs), becoming aware that I’d gone too far, way too far - be careful what you conjure for is all I can say. I re-enchanted and stacked on muscle at a frightening pace for the next 6 months.

Over the years I’ve trialled and developed greater methods for integrating effective sorcery with the practical aspects of diet and training. In fact I’m confident in saying there’s no one else on the planet who has devoted themselves more to sorcery and body transformation than myself. It’s led me to appear as a vampire in Hollywood movie with literally zero acting experience, being interviewed on national television, running international health retreats and being that guy at the gym who you ask for diet advice.

For years I’ve kept my sorcerous practices private, feeling more secure in coaching the practicalities of effective diet and training. Partly that has been because I was unsure how best to communicate my ideas and partly because who is going to believe that you Magicked your way to ripped abs, right? Times have changed!

My reasons for making my “secrets” public are manifold but at the heart of it lies the idea that in order to fulfil your True Will - your reason for incarnating - you need to share your findings for the betterment of others. I went through my own personal Hell so you don’t have to but I brought something back with me. Whether it’s dealing with spirits, casting blazing sigils into the void, invoking Gods, praying to Saints, manipulating etheric energy or raiding the effective practices of New Thought, I’ve done it all and I’ve only just gotten started.

My mission is to show you how to get results better than you could imagine by combining sorcery with focussed nutrition and training. Whether you already have a magickal practice or just suspect that there is something more than just the mechanics of what you eat and how you move I can show you how to manifest your ideal body.

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