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Spells of the Scorpion Head

Updated: May 24, 2023

The following is derived from the initiatory and sorcerous work of Michael Kelly. Kelly's system is ultimately rooted in contemporary left hand path philosophy but in actuality is far more sophisticated and wide ranging in approach and application.

Following in the work of Kenneth Grant, Kelly uses the imagery of a primeval serpent; it's seven heads representing particular zones of power and initiatory stages. To the first head - that of the scorpion - are spells and aims associated with:

  • All spells intended to enhance your physical appearance, well-being or practical skills

  • Spells to boost your health

  • Spells to lose weight

  • Spells to increase your personal magnetism and attractiveness

  • Spells to enhance your sexual prowess and capacity for ecstasy

  • Spells to establish yourself in the world, to bring money, career and stability

  • Spells to protect your home

  • Spells to commune with animals

  • Spells for lycanthropy and transformation

A system for working directly with this head is provided in Kelly's "Grimoire of the Sevenfold Serpent" and "The Satanic Dragon". A sigil for the first head can be seen below, resourceful magickians should be able find a suitable use for it.

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