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Tantric Body Transformation

Updated: May 25, 2023

The following two methods are described by Christopher Hyatt and S. Jason Black in their book "Tantra Without Tears." I have literally no idea of the authenticity of the first method and frankly I don't really care. Hyatt says, "It is very ancient and potentially dangerous." Whether that's true, I don't know. What I can say is both methods are highly effective and for the most part unique insomuch as they are specifically directed towards positive physical change.


The essence of the first technique is to visualise an eroticised image of yourself as the opposite gender. Firstly, imagine yourself similar to how you are now but in the opposing sex and then begin to make the image more and more beautiful, making whatever alterations towards the desired goal. You then use the form to bring yourself to orgasm whilst attempting to embody that image.

Hyatt gives an example of a male wanting to lose 30 pounds.

"In summary; if you are a male who is 30 pounds overweight; pretend you are a female who is 30 pounds overweight. Then, make yourself beautiful, give yourself a beautiful face, give yourself a beautiful body and then concentrate on that image and masturbate to orgasm."

Those familiar with Hyatt’s earlier works will recognise the symmetry between his mystical ideas about the Secret Lover and the Holy Guardian Angel albeit repurposed here for practical magic.


The second method bears similarity to certain forms of deity yoga and western-style invocatory practices:

"Find a selection of photographs or drawings depicting people whose health and beauty you want to imitate. (They shouldn't be people you know personally.) The primary point is to meditate on something that radiates health and beauty. During the course of your meditation you should instruct yourself using standard hypnotic techniques to absorb and the information - both physical and mental - that these images convey to you. In time your body and mind will come to imitate them."

Both of these techniques work but only if you do. You can't just read them and think about them, they require your involvement. Now go and transform yourself!

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