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Unlock Your Libido and Lifeforce

For the achievement of any major life goal, energy is everything! The most primordial and transformative energy is indeed sexual in nature. Notably, Carl Jung describes libidinal force as undifferentiated psychic energy essential to personal intentionality and purpose. To be clear, this isn't just the urge for intimate sexual relationships but the drive toward more life, greater experiences, and achievements—all the good stuff.

This concept is echoed by Voudon Gnostic sorcerer Michael Bertiaux, who regards sexual vigour as the driving force behind achieving effective "results magic" or getting things done in the world. Far from mere esoteric speculation, this is a well-studied area of research. Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa has found that career success, drive, and ambition all correlate with a high libido.

This being the case, the question is, how do we maximise our access to this primordial source of power? Many occult systems like to speculate, but they often overlook the more obvious and powerful things we can do as human beings. In other words, how can we physically optimise our bodies to become the best possible vessel for channeling sexual energy into our lives? Fortunately, there are several well-evidenced and accessible techniques to accomplish just that. Here are just three:

TIP #1 - Unlock Tension Zones in the Body:

In the work of Wilhelm Reich, "belts of tension" are areas within the body that restrict the free flow of vital "orgone" energy. While Reich's work is complex, for practical purposes, it doesn't have to be. The basic idea is this: the front of the body needs to be lengthened, while the posterior needs to be strengthened. It is essentially the opposite of the contracting forces of modern life and most forms of psychological trauma.

One of the best overall movements to unlock the tension zones in the anterior core is the back bridge. It statically contracts and strengthens the glutes, lower and upper back, while actively stretching the entire anterior core, shoulders, upper chest, and neck. Few exercises accomplish so much in one movement.

**What to Do?**

While I could write an entire article - or articles - on the wonders of the back bridge and its many variations, I won't. A great place to start is this wonderful tutorial by GMBFitness. It goes through the basics of spinal flexibility and mobility, taking you through all the necessary progressions to achieve a full bridge.

**TIP #2 - Train Your Most Androgenic Muscles:**

One of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine is that muscle, in itself, is an endocrine organ. While having greater overall muscularity is always advantageous, we can focus on certain body parts for even greater effect. Generally speaking, these are the muscle groups that, in evolutionary terms, signal "reproductive fitness" – i.e., they make you appear sexually desirable to others.

In both men and women, movements that develop the glutes deserve specific attention. Well-developed, athletic glutes are one of the key signs that you are physically in the prime of life. Consider the polar opposite; "old man butt" - you don't want that. Fortunately, it is a trainable quality, and that training is known to trigger a hormonal cascade that increases libido.

**What to Do?**

The glutes, being both postural muscles and centres of power, can tolerate quite a lot of volume and frequency. To specialise, you can train glutes directly as part of a full-body routine three times per week in a variety of rep ranges. For example, on Monday, perform a Heavy 5 x 5 squat, on Wednesday, do 3 x 15-20 Bulgarian split squats, and on Friday, focus on hip thrusts with 4 x 8-12 reps. Combine this with some accessory work and back bridge progressions mentioned in the previous tip, and you'll have glutes that are both generators and attractors of sexual energy.

**For men,** an obvious sign of high levels of androgenic activity is well-developed upper and mid traps along with the upper chest. These muscle groups signify physical power and, in tandem with a tight waist, will make you appear more sexually attractive. There's a reason why Hollywood superheroes target these areas.

Notably, one of the key signs that someone is taking endogenous testosterone is that these muscles can become exaggerated due to the high levels of androgenic receptors in those areas. However, it works the other way as well, developing these muscles signals the body to naturally produce more testosterone. Train them using full body compound movements and you’ll get an even greater signalling.

**What to Do?**

Two of the best movements that will holistically develop masculine musculature are the standing overhead press and the deadlift, or rack deadlift, depending on your structure. Train these movements twice per week in the 5-8 rep range, and your body and libido will flourish. Good strength standards men should aim for include a 0.8 bodyweight overhead press and twice bodyweight deadlift.

**TIP #3 - Become Explosive:**

By far and away, the strength quality that declines the fastest with age is our ability to express speed and power. Partly, this is because the muscle fibres responsible for explosiveness are incredibly calorically costly - one of the reasons why sprint athletes are so lean.

The most powerful way to target this strength quality is with sprints. Sprinting is an innately primal movement that significantly boosts your anabolic hormones. The ripple effect is that it has been shown to not only increase libido but also intensify orgasms. Importantly, the same hormonal signalling is also linked to a host of anti-aging benefits.

**What to Do?**

For the best results, aim to incorporate a mix of sprint distances ranging from 6-30 seconds into your weekly regimen with near-complete recovery between sprints. Recovery is crucial because you are primarily targeting the ability to express power - train for speed, not fatigue.

If you haven't sprinted in a while, start with short hill sprints of between 6-10 seconds. The incline is safer and forces you into better mechanics. After warming up, begin with 6 sprints per session, the first 3 at around 70% max effort and the last three increasing to around 90-95%. Two sessions per week for 6-8 weeks will transform your life and libido.

There you have it three tips that have the potential to turn up the volume on your access to sexual energy in a big way. As a bonus they'll also make you look and feel a whole lot better...a sure indicator that the lifeforce is flowing freely to and through you.

If you're ready to unlock the secrets of your body, enhance your sexual energy, transform your physique and live life to the fullest then let me know, I want to work with you. Click below to book or shoot me an email if you want to know more.

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