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Six Week Sorcery Shred

Begins February 2024

This is a six week integrated magickal working aimed 
at  embodying the lean, erotic and virile Witch Queen or Witch King you truly want to be. I'll show you how to do the Magick, make you accountable with weekly coaching calls and live in a manner that demands success.


Your transformation is initially empowered by an opening ritual, calling upon the erotic and transformative powers of the Witch Gods. No prior knowledge is required but sincerity and a vision of what you're trying to become is. 

The training goal is aggressive fat loss. Prospective Witch Kings and Queens are provided a full body physique workout program, designed to shred fat and put muscle where you want it fast. For men this means building those muscles that project power and male virilty; traps, shouldes, glutes and arms. For women it means enhancing the natural feminine hourglass by balancing the upper body and rounding out the glutes. Coaching is personalised to your current level and ability.  

The nutrition program is based around my work with physique athletes, designed to reset your metabolism, reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity. I'll simplify the process with exact food lists and meal ideas for you so it's easy to follow. Simple but brutally effective!


This coaching cycle begins in February. Prior to the beginning I'll personally welcome you to the group and send you an overview of the course, ritual instructions and your nutrition and training. Note: bookings for this cycle close on the  2nd February 2024. 

What you'll get:

* Witch King/Witch Queen Training 
* Metabolic Reset Nutrition
* Conjuring the Witch Body ritual and sigil
* Body manifestation meditation
* Weekly Zoom Coaching

*Unlimited email support and accountability

I'll be in touch shortly

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